Overview of the Faculty

Established in 2009, the Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the giant organs of the University of Somalia. It works hard towards improving the health of the Somali people through quality medical education, innovative research and customer driven health services. Envisioned to become second-to-none for quality in Health Sciences education and services in Somalia, the faculty is toiling painstakingly to attain observable achievements in the three of its core activities - teaching, research and community services. With yearly enrollment capacity of about 500 students for its undergraduate, the Faculty of Health Sciences has been making every effort to diversify its academic degree programs.


We strive to become a leading academic institution in training health and medical professionals who are educated to deliver patient-centered care. 


To establish a conducive and sustainable training environment that will produce the best-qualified medical doctors, nurses, lab technicians and public health practitioners who are able to offer the best services for our community.


  • Innovativeness and creativity
  • Excellence and quality
  • Professionalism
  • Social accountability


  • The programs offered at the College of Health Sciences reflect the stated goals of College in that they:
  • Promote academic and clinical excellence in the health sciences
  •  Foster ethical values and humanistic ideals of service
  • Foster critical thinking and analytical competencies
  • Foster effective communication
  • Foster leadership skills
  • Promote lifelong learning and scholarly contributions through the development of information literacy and research skills
  • Produce graduates who will contribute to the betterment of society through health promotion, disease prevention and the healing arts.




The overall objective of the Faculty of Health Sciences is to produce highly educated health professionals with the relevant skills and attitude that our country needs to prevent potential health hazards, treat various ailments and promote the health and well-being of the Somali people.


The Academic Divisions

The Faculty of Health Sciences consists of four departments: 

Department of General Medicine and Surgery,

Department of Nursing and Midwifery,

Department of Medical Laboratory Science, and

Department of Public Health


 Each of these departments offers a four-year degree program except for the Department of General Medicine and Surgery which offers a six-year degree program.  

Apart from the teaching and training hospital of the  University of Somalia, the Faculty of  Health Sciences  is affiliated with all the major public and private hospitals in Mogadishu such as Madina Hospital, Benadir Hospital, Daynile Hospital, Keydsaney Hospital, Hannano Hospital just to mention a few.

This table shows the academic degree programs offered by Faculty of Health Sciences and what is required from the students to get admitted to any of these study programs.


Degree Programs


Minimum Admissions Requirement


Bachelor of Science in General Surgery and Medicine

6 years

Secondary Certificate


Bachelor of Science in Nursing

4 years

Secondary Certificate


Bachelor of Science in Laboratory Science

4 years

Secondary Certificate


Bachelor of Science in Public Health

4 years

Secondary Certificate